New version

added some new stuff:

- Some context was added to certain fail states so that more information is gained during the initial phase of clicking on everything to figure stuff out. Instead of "nothing seemed to happen" there's more "nothing seemed to happen, maybe this would make a difference" or "nothing happened, here's why". 

- some spelling corrections were made 

- fixed a problem where some colored text wasn't displaying in a puzzle, making it more trial and error than deduction. 

- did my best to mitigate the issue of incorrectly read characters showing up everywhere, they are still present but mostly contained to a single area (you know where if you've been there, it kind of adds to the effect but I would prefer they not be there). There is still one on Manifest as well, but I'm working on it. 

- added a lot more detail to a certain riddle puzzle, making more use of colored text to make my cryptic nonsense poetry work better as a clue.

- gave a directional clue to an information page, so that players have a better idea of where certain information is applied. 

- more was added to the game summary, including a section on content warning, as a friend seemed to react negatively to some of the written depictions, I figured it would be good to warn people in case anyone was similarly squimish. 

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